I’m on a mission, to find a cute pair of Plus Size denim shorts. Short shorts. Hotpants some may say. It was like trying to find the perfect pair of jeans all over again. Fit is so important and I’ve spent upwards of £300 on trying various styles and sizes from various places (most to be returned ASAP don’t worry!) My husbands eyes watered when he came home to the mountains of parcels u til I explained the necessity and how most would go back fear not!

It was when I was boring my workmates with my woes and one said she had never ordered from ASOS (Yep I was aghast) I explained how it’s a lifeline as I can’t go down the high street and just buy a pair of shorts. It’s pretty ridiculous when you think about it isn’t it!? When it comes to any form of clothes with no stretch I can’t just go down the high street and buy some clothes and let’s not forget I’m a size 18/20 so a mid-size-plus! (that itself comes with privileges other plus size girls don’t have at that!)

As I was talking about the massive trying on session I was about to have I came up with featuring it all in here. Purely so people can see the size variations between them, the pros and cons and I’m hoping it will help someone! If you like it please comment below and I’ll keep doing them across other basics. It’s not my usual style of photo as it’s literally a mini haul but in photos but I think it serves the purpose!?

Like I’ve said I’m a size 18/20, 5’10 with thick thighs, average bum, no waist and a belly. Such an apple shape it’s untrue. So here’s what I ended up trying out:


I boycotted Boohoo after their All Girls campaign and for various other reasons however I had no choice but to choose some shorts from them. They had the largest selection by far with me ordering 4 pairs just from them (however 2 aren’t featured as they wouldn’t even do up!)

Extreme Rip Denim Shorts (£22)

Pant show-ers and slightly early noughties Britney Spears pocket peakers style but just the right side of nice I think. Size 20 were too tight at the waistband (and check out the dangly bits!)so I ordered the 22 which were too baggy. Can I get a 21 please!?

size 20Size 22

Extreme Rip High Leg Denim Shorts (£22)

These were my fave. In the size 20 they were bum flashing but cute but just ever so tight around the waistband. And a pain to sit in. So I ordered a 22 alongside the ripped ones above which were better but then v baggy around the front and have me a weird baggy camel toe-esque effect. And still a pain to sit in, I’ve gone back to the size 20 and I’m thinking they could be THE ONES.

Size 20

Size 22


Tall Denim Short with Raw Hem and Rips (was £30 now £18)

I managed to get these in the Tall range in a size 20. They do them across the other ranges though so worth a try on curve too. They’re a lighter wash than the others which I’m not mad about but don’t love as much as the more mid wash ones. Being tall they have one key thing- a bit of a longer leg- so where the rips stop there’s a lovely bit of material between the things which will hopefully help fight the chub rub. It has a downside though which is a longer leg at the back which just seems to hang there. Also the only pair with a button fly.


Curve Highwaisted Extreme Fray Hem Shorts (£20)

I managed to get one pair from here too. These are a size 20, the waist just fits without any squeezing, however the belly section is a bit too loose (which is needed for when I sit down I suppose!) however can we just look at the back!? By far my fave pair to accentuate my arse. Cut slightly higher, bum not quite eating them but right enough to make me feel 25 again (and that gravity hasn’t taken hold all over my body !!!)

Hopefully this has helped to see these kind of plus size denim shorts on an apple plus size shape- So now I need help which ones look best ? Comment below and help a girl out won’t you!?