I am not one for the Autumn. I go through a denial stage about how summer isn’t over (currently in that stage now), then a big wardrobe overhaul including lots of jumpers that I won’t wear as I am always so hot, then finally I hibernate.

Not only did the August Bank Holiday Monday provide me with a fabulous tan but it also provided me with a weeks sleep hangover. It ran into last week where the mornings got darker and my usual 5.30am alarm felt like 2am. The only bonus was I saw some fabulous sun rises on the way to work (and some great sunsets too!) I desperately needed something to get me going in those dark mornings and still help me get quality sleep. I feel like a visit to Neom in Victoria Gate was timed perfectly as I needed some outside help to ensure I continue to function going forward!

It feels like ages ago since I had my first proper introduction to the brand Neom. I’d seen them around and marvelled at their skin treatment candle but hadn’t really got to know them more than that. I won tickets to go to a talk at John Lewis in the Victoria Gate in Leeds on Twitter from Lauren, and their founder Nicola was there to take us through everything they stand for and offer, right from the horses mouth as it were! I didn’t feel so lethargic back then, I’d just started my exercise regime and was on a high from all the exercise I was going! Now I’m still doing that but my body is crying out for a PJ day, or a PJ week even!

Neom are all about wellbeing they aren’t just a perfume brand and it’s not just about buying a lovely candle for your house or some nice body cream for your skin it’s much more than that. It’s about addressing an issue or need you have with fragrance. I felt so energised listening to Nicola and their ethos. They have a wellbeing test which is designed to see what your underlying need is out of the main four they have identified:

  • Energy
  • Sleep
  • De-Stress
  • Mood Boost

Whichever scent you are just drawn to is what you are missing as such.

My wellbeing consultation in the store was just what I needed. They are 30 mins sessions which are free and are based around your wellbeing need. I of course needed sleep and so I went to Sleep School. I wish that involved just going for a nap out back but it actually involves some interaction! We spoke about my general habits and what small steps I could make to help my need for sleep. My three commitments I took away were:

  1. Phone Time- if using at night ensure night mode is on and phone held a good distance away from my face. Ideally not used in bed at all
  2. Incorporate a routine now matter how small to bedtimes, be it the same time each night, or applying body lotion or hand team before bed to relax
  3. Eat more iron rich foods- spinach here I come!

I was given their Perfect Nights Sleep Kit (£20)* which includes mini sleep pillow spray, hand cream and oil to try. My routine is to place a couple of drops of oil on my chest, moisturise my hands and then breath deeply in for 7 and out for ten with my hands cupped around my mouth and nose, and spray 2 squirts of the pillow spray on my pillow. The first time I did this I heard a part of my alarm I had never heard before as I’d been in such a deep sleep it had continued to go off! So be warned this does induce quality sleep!

I also treated myself to the Energy Burst Bath and Shower Drops (£40). Two drops of this on my chest in the shower is fabulous as the heat spreads the scent and gets me energised for the day ahead and though the darker mornings. I’m now saving for a candle as I think the sleep one will be perfect for evenings in when I want to start to wind down early and I think that will be my perfect routine then!

Neom are hosting the #NeomBigSleep throughout September culminating in The Big Sleep night on the 28th September. Check it out here and if you sign up you get a free Guide to Sleep E Book and chance to win some ££ to spend with Neom! Perfect right!? Let me know in the comments if you sign up!

*I was invited to Neom and some products provided for consideration of review. As always thoughts and opinions are my own!