Monday Morning 🙁
Things to look forward to are a new Monday Mani, and a party at the end of the week!
I think the people at Boots know this as to my joy I got a nail varnish in window 9!
That’s the 2nd Monday and 2nd polish I’ve gotten!

Seventeen Supreme Shine in Miami , a dark Fuchsia pink varnish that promises up to 10 days wear. I look forward to trying it out!
My QVC Ciate was next, it had Kiss Chase in it which was the shade I got in yesterday’s classic calendar.

I do like the phrase I had in both though!
In the classic calendar today I got Pillow Fight I love it!!
I love a grey nail varnish and this has a hint of lilacs thrown in for good measure! Absolutely lush and I think my favourite shade of the calendars so far!