Advent Day 4

3 weeks until Christmas!!!!!
And a month until my Birthday!
I have a small confession to make..I actually opened one of these doors way before December! Oops!
The Ciate QVC calendar has 2 special gifts, one of which is a Ciate bow bracelet, which I really wanted so found it and took it!

Isn’t it gorgeous though!
It came with the phrase below

Of course you know what this means…something different in the other calendar!
I wasn’t disappointed when I opened it to find this

Miss Mistletoe Sequins
Which I can’t find on the website so seems to be a one off! It is a mix of loose gold red and light pink sequin effect glitter-gorgeous!

I added it to my current mani to test it quickly and it looks lush!


So now for my Boots calendar. I got a perfume sampler (1.5ml spray) of Nina Ricci -Nina L’eau (£24.50 for 30ml) I’ve run out of perfume so I’m happy I have this to try out , however is slightly disappointing as after having a sneak peek there looks to be 5 fragrance samples in the these are things that are often readily available for free it does seem like a slightly poorer present.

It was also very difficult to get out, I snapped an orange stick and it sprayed as I levered it out, but at least the calendar smells nice now!