So after yesterday’s meal out, I’m out for a curry tonight with Mr E’s work colleagues! I’m looking forward to a good garlic naan and popadoms! My favourite bits of an Indian! I also might go hotter than a Korma in the hope it may clear the cold I’ve got!!
So today’s advent opening was a quick affair, with Boots up first.
I got another lipbalm, this time it was a classic Carmex Original Pot (£2.69) I must admit I’m pretty attached to my Balmi from the first windows so might be giving this one to Mr E!

My Ciate calendars had quite a treat in then today! The classic calendar came with a mini underwear base coat. I’m excited to try this as I’ve never had a Ciate base coat before! If I love it as much as I do the top coat there may be no going back!

In the QVC calendar there was another festive special, caviar pearls called Ice Queen.
A gorgeous mix of lilac, silver and blues, really frosty!! Would look great with Mondays manicure may try and add it later!