A Leeds Safari Dinner with No House Rules

I know you’ll have had two questions when reading this title :

  1. What’s a Leeds Safari Dinner ?
  2. What’s No House Rules?

So of course I’ll set about to answer them! No House Rules was a collective set up by Amy Wilson Interiors  and Katie from Come Down to the Woods which aims to inspire interiors wise and to get together businesses, creatives and general interiors enthusiasts from Leeds and the surrounding for great times, great events and to give great discounts too! I joined the No House Rules Mob when it launched as I wanted to get more into interiors, and to attend some of their fab events and meet new people (not necessarily bloggers for once- no offence blogging gang!) plus if the odd discount came my way then fab lol. It’s £30 for the year and you get exclusive first access to their events and at discounted rates plus the discounts and general inspo. I got an invite to the Safari Dinner , not because I’m a blogger, but because I was. ‘Mobster’! They held a little comp on the NHR insta for a seat and I won it!

It was quite lovely to go along to an event and not feel the pressure to take the shot etc and just enjoy it however of course I had to share my evening with you all!

We went on the Safari Dinner which was courtesy of D&D London- they are the team behind Angelica, Crafthouse, Issho and East 59th (and more!) in Leeds and they set up their Safari Dinner to allow us to experience all four restaurants in one evening! So essentially you go on a tour across the four restaurants. Perfect for someone as indecisive as I am.

We started with cocktails and nibbles at Angelica. Their sweet potato fries were tdf as were their Goats Cheese Stuffed Baby Peppers, I could have eaten them alllllll day long.

It was great to meet some new people and get chatting and as we moved restaurants it was great as I got to sit near new people each time to chat and learn more about them. Our next stop was down a quick flight of stairs down to Crafthouse for our starter Tomato Tartare it came with edible flowers which was of course a winner but was also very light with some great flavours within it too. Accompanied with what I think was some kind of sun dried tomato warm bread rolls and butter it was the perfect starter for ten.

The next part of our Safari took us across to Issho and East 59th which are nestled opposite each other at the top of the Victoria Gate in Leeds. Usually this would be about a 6 min walk however Laura had found out she had broken her foot and so we helped (read encouraged there was no physical support happening!) her get there but it was worth the wait!

We tried duck leg bao buns, Veg and Salad Rolls , Salmon Teriyaki, mushroom hot pot, and Prawn Maki which was my absolute fave and I couldn’t stop eating it! The duck came a close second though as it’s gloriously crispy skin against the bao bun was a delight.

Finally we went to East 59th across the way. Now I had hoped and prayed I’d be greeted with their fabulous brownies and I was so I was sooooo happy I had resisted the temptation of chocolate as a mid afternoon snack as I may have fallen by the way side at this point but I’m proud to say I was one of the few that managed to eat both pieces of brownie that come as part of the desser (I did have to leave the ice cream that comes with it though. 10/10 the best brownie in Leeds (from a restaurant we all know Tarte and Berry are my ultimate mail order faves).

And so I headed home with a full belly and a lovely succulent from Emma the Florist which is so pretty! The next No House Rules event has just been announced for Friday 31st August so have a look to see if it’s something you’d be interested in! You might just see me there!