A few fashion inspirations- Valentines

I found Polyvore… For the iPhone.

I am addicted!
Confession over here’s a few outfit inspirations, based around items I own or want to own and a valentines theme, sorry I couldn’t resist!

First Set
This dress is lush, I saw it on the RI homepage and fell in love! Body con dresses do me no favours though so it won’t be purchasing it, I did however add the Naked 3 palette as that is a true fave!


2nd Set
This set was based around my Mulberry Bag! And of course my love of berry colours!


3rd Set
This jumper is amazing! I saw it on another blog (if it was yours please say so because I’ve completely forgotten!)
It was through Polyvore I saw it had gone into sale so bought it! Oops!


So what do you think?will you be wearing red or pink next weekend?