I’ve finally started to challenge myself when it comes to my skincare. I found I’d stuck to the same moisturiser trying to find one that didn’t exacerbate my dermatitis , but when I started trying new ones I started to find more and more that were doing good for my skin and I was encouraged to keep trying out more! For the past 6 weeks I’ve been testing out a rather different type of moisturiser from Bio Extracts*. I first saw the brand over on Sharon’s (from Back To You Beauty) Instagram and thought they looked really interesting so when they got in touch and offered to send me some of their key products to try out I jumped at the chance of course! 

The key concept of Bio Extracts is a ‘home lab’ experience. It’s about mixing boosters with a base moisturiser to create your own face cream to for your skins needs. We all know how much I love personalisation so having my own skincare sounded right up my street!! When my parcel arrived I was very excited to say the least.  I’d been sent all three of the base creams:

(All £27 each)

Each of these is suited to different skin types and environments and also some are recommended to work better with different boosters. I knew instantly that the light cream would be best for me as my skin doesn’t react well to anything too rich. I was right too as it’s recommended for oily, combination or problematic skin. Yep that’s mine! The creams have the strangest yet handiest dispenser I’ve eve seen, you just press down on the white plastic top and it comes out from the centre. I found one pump was perfect for my face and décolletage. 

Now the fun bit, each ‘booster’ comes in a syringe inspired container (don’t worry there’s no needles!) which you remove the plastic cap from and add one squirt to the cream, you can add more than one if you want depending on what boosts you want! The handy plastic top then acts like a mixing surface to help you mix the booster with the cream. 

Out of the 9 boosters available I was sent seven!!! I wanted to consistently use a couple though so I could report back results more accurately. 

I opted for the Redness relief boost (£19.50) as I believed it would help my dermatitis, as it fights inflammation, redness and protects against skin irritation. I can for sure say it did that, in fact I even ditched my faithful moogoo on my dermatitis and I still didn’t have a flare up using this! (Combined they are a force to be reckoned with though!!) It really cleared up the issues I have around my eyebrows too which I’ve had for so long now and reduced the redness in between them that I’d also managed to gain. Lucky me! 

I also decided to opt for the Glow Boost (£19.50) Mainly because you can never glow too much, and after the ‘great virus of 2017’ That I’m now calling it, I figured my skin needed a little brightening. I can’t say if I saw a real step on with this one though as it wasn’t as much of an issue and I’ve also got a little healthier too so that’s bound to reflect in my skin. I did feel my skin loooekd better overall though and it complimented the redness relief well. 

I think when I repurchase (unsure when I have enough for a year!!) I’d just buy the rednesss relief as it was so good! If you don’t want to buy their cream or are on a tighter budget, then you can mix the boost with your own moisturiser. A lot goes a long way too and I’m only a tenth down my redness booster so it’s pretty good going. They also do premade sets which is money saving, and I have to admit the Flawless beauty set at £79 does look good as you get both the boosters I’ve been using plus a cream and two more boosters so £109 worth which is a good saving! They also feature on QVC quite often so worth keeping an eye out for special deals only there too. I do enjoy the Bio Extracts website itself though as it has a handy tool that gives you personalised suggestions based on your skin concerns so a great way to help choose the boosters you need easily. 

The only downside was trying to store the boosters in my bathroom cabinet, however I found a circular lipstick storer that I’d picked up from Poundland and they fit perfectly into it, so even managed to solve that issue! 

I love the concept of Bio Extracts , the quirkiness of the product and the results it gave! So a winner all round for me. Let me know if you try it won’t you!?