About Lucy

Welcome to my namesake blog! Formerly known as Lucy Loves, Lucy Earnshaw Blog is named after yours truly.

What’s the aim of this blog I hear you ask!? (Well you might not have done but I’m telling you anyways) I want to give you all the style and travel inspiration to help you save money and more importantly, time. Mainly because we all want more of both right? 

So what does this mean? It means I focus on affordability when it comes to style and experiences, I’m not about that luxe life! So you’ll find places to visit, how to visit them affordably and what experiences to save money on and what’s worth the odd splurge! Plus what not to bother with because we all want the tea when it comes to rubbish destinations and trips right? 

Personal style-wise we are talking high street, not high end as I’m translating the catwalk trends of the season into wearable and affordable looks. I’m not about ‘out there’ dressing or dressing to an era of fashion and comfort is key for me! Basically real-life clothes for all occasions for all sizes in all budgets. I do love to splurge on the odd piece that has longevity (usually accessories) and I have an obsession for matching which I blame on my mum. It does mean I have a fab handbag and shoe collection though- so not the worst. 

I’ll also talk about body confidence and how we can all get that little bit more confident in our own skins whilst exploring our own personal styles too. 

Styling my home follows a similar suit. It reflects my personal style: Low budget, mid to high trend pieces with the odd invest piece (my pink velvet bed is a prime example of this!) When I transform spaces it’s usually with minimal effort and budget and I love a good trinket. I don’t do minimalism! 

Now for the nosy bit: I’m a meowmie to two Persian cats and live in Retford with them and my husband of 9 years.  I spend most of my time in Leeds when not at home and consider it my second home. I love to explore so completed 12 counties in 12 months in 2018. I practise yoga weekly and consider shopping a hobby. My fave crisps are Cheetos and my fave chocolate bar is a Mars bar. Feel free to send me any in the post.😂 I have a mild* obsession with eyeshadow palettes and makeup in general even though most working days I don’t wear any. I love eating out as I hate cooking and baking and would much prefer to eat someone else’s creations because I can burn pasta, which is a skill right!? 

So if affordable personal style, body confidence, styling your home, travel around the U.K. and beyond, eating out and general rambles sound like your kind of thing then come along for the ride: You can follow me on social using the icons at the top of this page – I’d love to have you around!

Or why not send me an email to hello@lucyearnshaw.co.uk

My media pack can be downloaded below…