So here is an annual post about resolutions right!? Well not quite as I said I wouldn’t resolve to ‘change’ anything this year. As do you know what? I’m pretty happy with me. So when Sophie of Busy Little Fee suggested a 16 in 16 post I  thought I quite liked the idea. For me it’s action based , what am I going to DO in 2016. No changes necessary! I’ve listed these in no particular order, and none of this is particularly out there as I’ve tried to keep them achievable.

1. Get online banking- at the age of 34 (in 2 days time eeeep!) I still don’t have online banking I’ve just never been bothered to set it up and it drives Mr E up the wall as he has to do all the transferring of money for us, so this year I will actually set it up and use it. I’m like only ten years too late right?!

2.Not buy any clothes or beauty bits in January- so if I had the above I’m sure I would know I have no money to be throwing away at things I don’t need. This is not to say I didn’t go mad with my Xmas money in the River Island sale or with my birthday money I’d been given early in the Illamasqua, Lush and Ciate sales, oh no, girl did good. I am allowing myself to spend whatever birthday money I do get given and to spend the £100 I won in the Access All ASOS competition to spend on site so not as much of a no spend January ,I might try and do a little in February too, just to make up for it!!

3.Litter Train Herbie the Cat- this is a change of something I suppose but it’s not me it’s my beautiful loving pussy cat Herbert. As he was a stud cat he wasn’t fed the best (raw mince) which led to severe tummy problems which he has now after we rescued him. I also don’t believe he’s lived in a full house before (we think probably kept in a pen or cage- you should have seen him when he had to go up our stairs for the first time!!) and so isn’t litter trained. This means he wees and poos everywhere. We’ve been trying to train him so this year will be the year we master it. For the sake of our noses, my carpets and the worlds supply of carpet cleaner we are going through.

I mean how can I be mad at this face!?

4.Say No! -not a very positive thing but I’m going to say no more often. No to working for free for exposure, no to attending events which I don’t need to attend, no to taking on extra work without the remuneration to go alongside it. NO.

5. More Yoga!- there’s a class at work on a Monday morning that I’ve joined but have been guilted out of going to it when there’s answers needed on my area of work (not from me but from people who work in the area I do), I’m not letting that happen anymore so I’m going no matter what. The world can wait.

6. Use Linked In- I finally joined this network and finding it really useful to find old, current and new contacts in the world of work and blogging. 2016 will be the year I use it to expand my network even more.

7. Clear out my office for good!- known as the eBay room as its where stuff goes to be sold on, I’m going to clear it out fully, sell/swap/donate what’s in there and make it a nice place for me to work in.

8. Spend a day with Nanna every month. (Just me and Luke) Lukes Nanna is amazing but we don’t see her nearly enough just us 2, mostly we see her when we have family dinners or at family events. We spent a day at her’s last week and she hasn’t stopped talking about it since. We talked about her life when she was younger in Italy, her families life and her life in England when her 8 children were growing up. She’s fascinating and loving and I want to have more days like that with her as we really enjoyed it and she clearly did too.

9. Pay it Forward- I’ve learnt a lot this year in my work life that can be applied to most ways of working including blogging. I’ve built up my confidence and now am mentoring a woman who needs to build herself up so she has the confidence to progress and develop. I want to do more of this, and have a few ideas in the pipeline so watch out for those!

10. Charity- last year I organised a full renovation of a schools old nature garden that was overgrown. I’d like to continue to do charitable work so I’m going to look at what I can achieve in the H1 of the year for charity/community

Last 6 very quickly-

11. Join in a Twitter chat every fortnight- it’s been too long!

12. Go to at least 5 gigs- I love live music!

13. Enter more competions- I enjoy winning stuff doesn’t everyone!

14. Travel- this year my savings will go towards travelling. Mainly long weekends exploring Europe is my plan and I’ll share it all on here of course! I’m definitely returning to Barcelona I’ve decided already!

15. Use my personal planner to plan my blog posts- I love being organised so must make sure I use it to keep on track with deadlines and photos I’ve taken!

16. Have fun. Smile, laugh and be joyful, because why the hell not?!
There’s lots more lovely ladies doing this too so check out their posts and let me know if you do your own!

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